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Why Use Simppler?

Accurate Match-Making

Our machine learning algorithms deliver most accurate referral recommendations.

Remove Cold Calls

You get higher candidate engagement when your employees introduce you to their connections.

Reward Your Employees

Easily track the most engaged employees so that you can reward them for their camaraderie.

Easy to Use

We do the hard work of finding referrals, engaging your teams, and streamlining your workflow.

Beautiful and Engaging Employee Referral Module

Recommendation Engine

Built by industry's top data scientists, our recommendation engine will automatically find the best connections for you to refer. Spread the goodness of your company by sending them a message or just refer them and let your hiring managers or recruiters engage with them.

Connection Match

If you already have someone great in mind to refer, we make it super easy for you to find the right job for them in your company. Stop wasting time filling the forms or going through the open positions.

Referral Leaderboard

Beautiful referral leaderboard will show you how you are doing against your other team members. Beat them by your referral powers and win cool prizes.

Powerful Referral Management Module for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

Fully Functional Referral Workflow

We not only make it easy for you to get quality referrals, we also make it easier for you to manage the pipeline. Rich referral analytics and pipeline workflow makes managing employee referral programs easy and fun.


Every organization has a unique DNA. Our machine learning systems learn from you and your employees to find the referrals that are closer to your DNA. Every time you accept or reject a candidate you are training the system to fit your needs.

Perfect Candidate

We think there is too much stress on the accuracy of job descriptions. Natural way of hiring is finding more candidates like your superstars. Tell us who your superstars are and we will find more superstars like them.

Automatic Notifications

We automatically keep your employees notified about where their referrals are in the pipeline so you that you can focus on building a great team.

Data Driven, Engaging, and Frictionless

Continuous Employee Engagement

Accurate recommendations and frictionless design will make finding and referring candidates painless for your employees. Gamification, instant notifications, and weekly newsletters will keep your employees engaged.

All Jobs. All Industries

Our algorithms perform great for all types of jobs across industries, e.g. Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering, Support, Sales, Finance, Marketing, HR, etc.

Responsive and Beautiful User Experience

We strive to provide you with the best user experience across all your devices.

Unparalleled Support

Users come first. Always available at

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